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Seafood - Common Hawaiian Food Fish

Know Before You Order - A Dictionary of Hawaiian Food Fish On The Menu!

Hawaiian fish are the best seafood you'll ever enjoy. Most Maui restaurants serve freshly caught fish, delivered by local fishermen daily, from the surrrounding Pacific Ocean, so the selection may vary depending on what the fishermen bring in that day. Hawaiian fish, like elsewhere, are seasonal, so you may not find the specific fish available when you travel to Maui. However, since most are mild flavored, tender, moist and delicious; give something new a try. You'll probably find a new dish you never knew you loved! Hawaiian names for the fish you'll find in restaurant and fishmarkets may be confusing. That is why we've provided this little cheat sheet to print off or save on your mobile device to help you order or purchase your fresh fish without being unpleasantly surprised.

Ahi - Bigeye Tuna or Yellowfin Tuna: A firm red meat fish with a mild to full bodied flavor. Other available tuna include Aku (Skipjack Tuna) and Tombo (Albacore Tuna.)
Hapu'upu'u - Sea Bass or Grouper: A delicate, flaky white fish with a mild flavor.
Lehi - Long-tailed Pink Snapper: A delicate white fish with a very mild flavor.
MahiMahi - Dolphinfish: Not a dolphin at all, but a medium textured fish with a mild flavor. Maui's favorite fish.
Monchong - Deep Sea pomfret, Bigscale Promfret or Sickle Pomfret: A very tender medium bodied fish which is moist with a mild flavor.
Onaga - Long-tailed Red Snapper or Long-tailed Ruby Snapper: A delicate white fish with a mild flavor. Another snapper is the Uku (Jobfish.)
Ono - Scombrid Fish: Also called Wahoo, this is a firm textured, white meat fish with an extremely mild flavor.
Nairagi - Striped Marlin: A firm textured, meaty full bodied fish. Other available billfish include: Hebi (Spearfish), Kajiki (Pacfic Blue Marlin) and the Shutome (Broadbill Swordfish.)
Opakapaka - Crimson Snapper: A moist white meat fish with a very delicate texture and the mildest flavor. Perfect for that non-fish eater in the family.
Papio - An under 10-pound Ulua: Also known as the Giant Trevally. A popular catch with local fisherman from shore or a boat, this tender and flaky fish has a mild flavor.
Buta Papio - A cousin of the Papio, this medium textured fish is tender, has a mild flavor and is a favorite food of locals.
Opah - Moonfish: A round shaped fish with a semi-firm texture and a mild flavor.

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