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The Road to Hana

The road and a roadsign on the Road to Hana Follow the Hana Highway for about 50 miles South beginning from Paia.
Paia, Maui, HI
Open Daily 24 hours - recommend daytime to be able to see all the sights
FREE Admission
More Information: 808-248-8622

There is a reason why they sell t-shirts that tout "I survived the road to Hana". After 50 miles (and at least 3 hours) of driving a single-lane narrow road with 617 hair-pin turns and 56 one-lane bridges it's nice to have a momento that says you actually made the trip. But, in this case, "getting there" is all the fun. That's exactly why it is called "The Road to Hana" and not just "The Town of Hana." If you intend to race straight to the end of the road just to say you did, and not stop at many of the pull-outs and sometimes-hidden beauties, "smell the flowers" and learn about the area, you might as well stay on the beach. The drive is beautiful whether you drive yourself or take a narrated, guided bus tour! With lush rainforests, gorgeous flowers, cascading waterfalls, incredible coastal views, the Road to Hana is an attraction like no other.

Be sure to leave early (very early) so you'll have time to return in the daylight hours (and in time for dinner or a luau). Bring food, drink and motion sickness remedies if you are so prone, as the constant turns can take their toll. There is little along the way for eating or drinking. Pick up a "Road To Hana" tape or CD in a local gift or souvenir shop which will describe and direct you to each hidden lovely stop along the route.

Famous aviator Charles Lindburgh is buried here and musician George Harrison had a home nearby here. It is remote and extremely tropical. The recommended route is to return the same way you came. However, after reaching Hana and basking in the Seven Sacred Pools, hiking to the top of the rainforest or browsing the General Store, you can continue on and take the full scenic drive south and west around Haleakala from whence you can clearly see the Big Island. The terrain turns more barren and windy on the southwest side but there are many interesting sights to be seen and the drive seems a little bit faster. Be forewarned: the road narrows even more (as if that could be possible), and at times may be completely washed out. There is no rescue if you get into trouble and you may need to turn back anyway. Some car rental agencies' contracts strictly forbid driving that way at certain times of the year (and even track it using GPS), so check in advance with them to make sure you won't be penalized and charged a surcharge on your rental.

The Seven Sacred Pools at the end of the Road to Hana A sacred cemetary along the Road to Hana
A waterfalls along the Road to Hana A waterfall along the Road to Hana Waterfalla along the Road to Hana

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