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Maui Beach & Sunset Weddings

Maui Beach Weddings
Things you should know about when planning a beach wedding.

These are the more popular seaside locations for weddings
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Weddings On The Beach
A wedding on a tropical beach can be the most romantic marriage ceremony ever created. But there are many things to consider before you decide to have a movie set wedding on the beach.
  • All Maui beaches are public. This means you may or may not be alone on the beach. You can not reserve a beach.
  • Sand beaches can change overnight. A big storm can shift sand or take sand back into the ocean creating more or less beach area.
  • Rocky beaches can prove hard to navigate for guests.
  • Gorgeous sunsets are not guaranteed. If the beach you picked doesn't have a gorgeous sunset you may be disappointed.
  • Restrooms are not always available.
  • Parking lots or street parking is not always available.
  • Alcohol is prohibited on all beaches.
  • Loud music, archways, and chair arrangements are prohibited.

  • Big Beach - Makena
  • The Cove - Makena
  • Ironwood Beach -Kapalua
  • Kapalua Bay - Kapalua
  • Kahekili - Kaa
  • Lahaina Baby Beach - Lahaina
  • Makena Surf Beach - Wailua
  • Malu'aka Beach - Makena
  • Mama's Fish House Beach - (Kuau Cove ) Mile Marker #8 Hana Hwy
  • Napili Bay - Napili
  • Paipu Beach - Kihei
  • Paluaea Beach - Wailea

Use this list or check out our Maui Beach section on this website to find your perfect location.

If you have your heart set on a beach wedding, it is suggested you hire a wedding planner to be sure you've obtained and filed the proper permits and licenses.

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